Sunday, December 6, 2009

A deboned turkey ready for the oven

Here is the bird trussed and ready for the roaster.  It weighed 23 lbs.  The thigh bones were removed.

A Lovely Way to Roast a Turkey

Here is our de-boned Thanksgiving turkey before putting it in the oven!  Having not de-boned a bird in awhile it took about 45 minutes . . . . but it’s worth it.  I didn’t stuff the bird – one can – but I like the way a de-boned bird carves.  No bones in the way.  Once the wings, and legs are removed you can slice clear across the whole carcass. 
There was a time years ago after having learned to de-bone from watching the Julia Child show in which she de-boned a duck that I regularly de-boned chickens and turkeys.  So with a bit of practice I can get back to getting it done in 15 minutes or so. 
One of the major advantages of de-boning is having all the fresh bones to use with the giblets to make a much richer stock for the gravy.  Yum!!!